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 Thursday, September 12, 2013 2:40 PM
HUSD Teachers,

 In an ongoing effort to provide access to a broad range of educational resources the Information Services Department has made some changes to the content filter.  This includes increasing website access for staff...  We have changed our content filter in an effort to allow greater flexibility for teachers to access educational resources.  Through the new filter, teachers will now have access to sites such as the Khan Academy, You Tube, and/or Pinterest. 

Please note that student filtering has remained unchanged.

The IT Department is hopeful that this will allow teachers to remain diligent about using a broader range of network resources for the purpose of enhancing the educational environment for our students.  We will continue to monitor the network resources to ensure proper use as well as identify sites that may need to be made available to all teachers.

If you have educational sites that you cannot access you are encouraged to contact the Help Desk, we will work to process your request as quickly as we can.

 Patrick Keeling  /  Director of Information Services  / HUSD



Learn360 is a BMHS resource for educational videos. Videos can be searched by
Subject and/or grade level.  You can stream live or download.

All   BMHS   Teachers have a  Learn360 account
             Go to >>>

If you are not sure what your user name and password is...
              please contact Lynn A McNeill
      BMHS Library Coordinator   x 4128

EBSCO Host is also available on this website and sign in with your zip code. All AZ newspapers, magazines (includes children, Consumer Reports, Newsweek, and more) , Teacher and student resources.  Students can create an account to obtain a folder to save all of their searched resources saving time.       

New ebooks, charts, AP study guides, science ebooks, literature ebooks, ACT/SAT study ebooks and more.
Username: bmhsteacher       Password: learn

Media resources for the classroom aligned with the common core standards. Professional development videos for all grade and content areas.
IDEAL offers professional development, curriculum resources, Lesson Resource Manager, and more.
 Try Prezi!
Spice up your presentations and use Prezi instead of PowerPoint.
 Lesson plans for all grades and subject areas, and help with using technology in the classroom.
AZ Dept. of Education, Common Core Standard Adoption
This site can help you find video clips on YouTube and other educational media.  You may find quite a few "errors" when trying to view. Try different browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome.  However, if you still don't have success, get on your home or smartphone internet and access YouTube, then email (SHARE option at top looks like a "V") and then send to your school email to have it submitted to the Education Video Library.  
History comes alive with a wide array of video streaming and other presentations for grades 4-12.
21 Things for the 21st Century Educator Visual and technology links for the busy teacher in the classroom. Includes Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock's effective teaching and learning strategies.
Citation maker
PBS website offers resources for teachers, parents, and students.
      Scholastic website offers resources and activities for teachers, librarians, parents, and students.
    Powerpoints for all subject areas for grades K-12.