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have teamed up to bring you Virtual Tri-University Week!!

When ~ September 8 - 12, 2020

Arizona's public universities have teamed up to provide virtual information sessions for prospective students and families to discuss the following:

~How to navigate the college admission process
~Scholarship & financial aid
~Information about each university
~The honors experience at each university
 ~...and much more!

Please click on the below link to find the schedule of events for Tri-University Week:  



This is a list of top scholarships – they require you to prepare ahead of time, deadlines are September, October, and February of your Senior year, and they are worth your time!

FLINN – A merit-based scholarship open to Arizona high school seniors; worth about $90,000 over 4 years; deadline is early October; 3.5 unweighted GPA; SAT score of 1340 Reading/Math or ACT score of 29. Participate/demonstrate leadership in extracurricular activities; info at

HORATIO ALGER – A need-based scholarship worth up to $25,000; show perseverance in overcoming adversity; be involved in co-curricular/community service; deadline is late October; info at

QUESTBRIDGE – A merit- & need-based scholarship valued up to $200,000 at top universities; Primarily A’s in the most challenging courses; extra-curricular accomplishments; deadline is late October; info at

DORRANCE - A first-generation and need-based scholarship for Arizona high school seniors accepted by one of Arizona’s three state universities valued at $100,000. Early February deadline; info at  

PUBLIC STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS - Each of the three public universities offer merit scholarships, which you automatically become eligible for once you are admitted based on your core classes GPA and/or your scores on the ACT or SAT. 

To learn more about these scholarships, see the above presentation date.