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Summer School


BMHS students have access to online classes during the summer. The cost is 50 dollars per class.
  • Summer school will start accepting enrollments on May 16th and classes will begin on the 30th of May. All classes will need to be completed by the 12th of July. When you have shown proof of payment and completed the orientation, your class will be added with an end date reflecting the session end date you enrolled in.  We are on a first-come, first-served basis
  • There will be 2 sessions
    • Session 1: May 30th to June 22nd
    • Session 2: June 26th to July 13th
  • Make sure to watch the orientation video. 
  1. Once you either pay online or come to the HS front office and pay, turn in your form
  2. To access the online payment portal, please go to our website Https:// and click on the “parents” header and drop down to the “Online Payment Portal.” On the left-hand side of the screen click on “Make a Payment.” Once on the payment portal page, you will see:    
  3. What now
    1. Once you have done that, go watch the orientation on the website
    2. After that, If you do not receive an email on your school account contact Ms. Bennett or Ms. Grentz. 928-759-4277
    3. The website to log in is:
    4. Your username should be the beg. part of your email + ".husd" (ex. jsmith.husd)
    5. Your password should be your student number
  • Students are expected to complete their class(s) within a 3-week period with no extensions - due to the number of kids who need to take classes.  This includes completing your FINAL EXAM.
  • WARNING! If you are not working at the pace you should, you may be removed temporarily to allow a student who will )
  • Students can work at any time of the day and also have a lab available to them from 8 am to 12 pm Mon. - Thurs.  Be sure to check the calendar to see who to contact as there are several teachers covering summer school.
  • There will be a math and English teacher available but you must schedule an appointment by calling the lab. If you are not progressing successfully, you may be called in to receive help. 
  • The district requires an in-person final exam before the end of the session to receive credit. This happens once the student has completed all of their work and is ready to complete the final exam anytime within the summer session dates. To ensure a spot in the lab to test, please contact the teacher and set up a time.
  • A $50.00 non-refundable fee is required per class.
  • There are many more details in the orientation not written here. Make sure to watch and pay attention. 
This data and more can be downloaded by clicking on "hard copy of 2023 Summer Orientation". (Spanish)