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In-Person Summer School

All students who have failed Algebra 1 A and/or B will be required to do in-person summer school.

Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B will both be offered in both sessions. Students may take either course in either session unless they need both Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B. If students are taking both semesters they must do Algebra 1A first session and Algebra 1B second session - the last option in the form.

Ride a Bus? The bus barn will be maintaining 6 bus routes. If you are interested in getting a ride to summer school, contact 928-759-5190 by 5/25/2023 to ensure a ride.

There will be (2) 3-week sessions:  8 am-12 pm M-Th

Algebra IA (1st Semester Credit)Session 1 (May 30-June16)
Algebra IA (1st Semester Credit)Session II (June 20-July 7)
Algebra IB (2nd Semester Credit)Session I (May 30-June 16)
Algebra IB (2nd Semester Credit)Session II (June 20 - July 7)
Both Algebra IA and Algebra IB credits Sessions I and II

Please go to the following link and sign up to save your spot. In order for you to be successful with this form, you must log in through Chrome and use your school email. 
LINK to sign up.