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The Learning Center

Alternative Education - TLC

Unique in the region BMHS offers students an alternative to a traditional classroom setting. Students wishing to pursue a high school diploma, but for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend classes on the main campus, may attend our computer lab. There is no fee charged for participation.

Counselors develop a student's course of study allowing them to earn needed credits, either in preparation to return to main campus or complete requirements for graduation. To be considered full-time, students must attend four-hour sessions and attempt passing two classes every six weeks. Class runs from 8 am to 12 noon and from 9:30 to 2:15.

The lab is staffed by highly qualified instructors and online teachers are assigned for each class. Students are welcomed to a structured learning environment and encouraged to be successful in their academic purpose. Many students benefit from the small class size and individual attention provided.

Students are able to accelerate their studies by submitting additional assignments from home. Courses are open-entry, meaning a student may begin at any time in the school year…..and complete a course once all assignments have been submitted. Credits are transcribed by our registrar and become part of student's permanent records.

Admittance to the program is through the counseling center. Contacting that office should be your first step, 928-759-4124.