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Course Catalog

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Literacy & Comprehension I
Literacy & Comprehension II
Expository Reading and Writing A
Expository Reading and Writing B
English Language Arts 09 A Language Arts
English Language Arts 09 B Language Arts
English Language Arts 10 A Language Arts
English Language Arts 10 B Language Arts
English Language Arts 11 A Language Arts
English Language Arts 11 B Language Arts
English Language Arts 12 A Language Arts
English Language Arts 12 B Language Arts
English Language 9 Essentials (1 Sem)
English Language 10 Essentials (1 Sem)
English Language 11 Essentials (1 Sem)
English Language 12 Essentials (1 Sem)
Pre-Algebra A
Pre-Algebra B
Algebra I A Math
Algebra I B Math
Geometry A Math
Geometry B Math
Algebra II A Math
Algebra II B Math
Financial Math A Math
Financial Math B Math
PreCalculus A Math
PreCalculus B Math
Probability and Statistics A Math
Probability and Statistics B Math
Mathematical Models with Applications A
Mathematical Models with Applications B
Statistics 2020 A
Statistics 2020 B
Concepts of Probability and Statistics (1 year replace for Alg. 2 - less rigorous)
Algebra 1A Essentials
Algebra 1B Essentials
Geometry A Essentials
Geometry B Essentials
Algebra 2A Essentials
Algebra 2B Essentials
Environmental Science A Science
Environmental Science B Science
Biology A Science
Biology B Science
Chemistry A Science
Chemistry B Science
Earth Science A Science
Earth Science B Science
Physics A Science
Physics B Science
Physical Science A Science
Physical Science B Science
Physics A Science
Physics B Science
__________SOCIAL STUDIES__________
US History A
US History B
World History A
World History B
Modern World History A - Industrialism to WWI.
Modern World History B - WWI - Modern Times
Geography (semester)* A
Geography (semester)* B
__________FINE ARTS__________
Introduction to Art A
Introduction to Art B
Art History
Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening *
Visual Arts A
Visual Arts B
Philosophy: The Big Picture*
__________PHYSICAL EDUCATION__________
Physical Education A PE
Physical Education B PE
Lifetime Fitness
First Aide and Safety*
Health Careers*
Contemporary Health*
Health Science Concepts
Healthy Living A
Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses) Academic Integrity for IS (short class for plagiarism offenses)
Agribusiness Systems* 2020
Introduction to Agriscience I*
Agriscience 2A: Sustaining Human Life
Agriscience 2B: Sustaining Human Life
Food Products and Processing Systems*2020
Forestry and Natural resources*
Natural Resources
Power, Structural, and Technical Systems*2020
Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals*
Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources *
Introductions to Careers in Architecture and Construction*
Manufacturing: Product Design and Innovation
__________BUSINESS & MARKETING__________
Advertising and Sales Promotion*
Business Computer Information Systems 2020*
Introduction to Consumer Services* 2020
International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century*
Introduction to business A
Introduction to business B
Introduction to Manufacturing: Product Design & Innovation*
Small Business Entrepreneurship* 2020
Introduction to Careers in Finance* 2020
Communication Media Technologies
Introduction to Social Media: Our Connected World
Social Problems I: A World in Crisis*
Social Problems II Crisis, Conflicts and Challenges*
Technology and communication *
Computer Applications: "Office 2016"
Cosmetology 1* Cutting Edge Styles
Cosmetology 2* The Business of Skin & Nail Care*
Cybersecurity 1A
Cybersecurity 1B
Fundamentals of Programming & Software Development* 2020
Game Design 1A
Game Design 1B
Introduction to Coding*
Introduction to Computer Science 2020
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Information Technology Support & Services* 2020 (how diff) here's the link to the catalog - you can compare the descriptions here:
Introduction to Network Systems* 2020
Microsoft Office Specialist - Office 2016 A
Microsoft Office Specialist - Office 2016 B
Network System Design* 2020
New Applications: Web Development in the 21st Century* 2020
Online Learning and Digital Citizenship*
Software Development Tools* 2020
Concepts of Engineering & Technology*
Engineering and Design* 2020
Engineering and Product Development*2020
Engineering Sciences & Information Technologies
Health Science Technologies Careers in Allied Health* 2020
__________HEALTH CARE SCIENCES__________
Introduction to Health Science A
Introduction to Health Science B
Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences*2020
Introduction to Health Science
Medical Terminology*
Nursing Assistant
Intro to Nursing A
Intro to Nursing B
Pharmacy Technician
Nutrition and Wellness*
Psychology A
Psychology B
Sports and Entertainment Marketing*
Business Law* 2020
Fire & Emergency Services* 2020
Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead*
Forensic Science II: More Secrets of the Dead*
Introduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration*2020
Introduction to Law: Public Safety, Corrections, & Security* 2020
Law Enforcement Field Services* 2020
Law and Order: Introduction to Legal Studies *
National Security *
Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect*
Public Service Careers
Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics*2020
Transportation Technologies
__________HIGH SCHOOL GENERAL ELEC.__________
Creative Writing*
Gothic Literature: Monster Stories*
Journalism: Investigating the Truth A
Journalism: Investigating the Truth B
Mythology & Folklore: Legendary Tales*
Philosophy: The Big Picture
World Religions: Exploring Diversity*
Novels & Author Studies
HOPE 1 - Health and PE
HOPE 2 - Health and PE
Digital Photography 1A
Digital Photography 1B
Digital Photography 2
Introduction to Careers in Arts
Public Speaking 1A
Public Speaking 1B
Technology and Business 2020
Introduction to Communications & Speech Classic
__________EDUCATION & TRAINING__________
Early Childhood Education 1A
Early Childhood Education 1B
Real World Parenting
Introduction to Careers in Education and Training*2020
Introduction to Human Growth and Development* 2020
Strategies for Academic Success*
Family and Consumer Sciences
Family Living and Healthy Relationships
__________HOSPITALITY & TOURISM__________
Culinary Arts 1A
Culinary Arts 1B
Food Safety and Sanitation* 2020
Hospitality & Tourism 1: Traveling the Globe*
Hospitality & Tourism 2A:
Hospitality & Tourism 2B
Hotel & Restaurant Management A
Hotel & Restaurant Management B
Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality* 2020
Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality & Tourism* 2020
Transportation and Tours for the Traveler* 2020
Restaurant Management
__________HUMAN SERVICES__________
Fashion & Interior Design*
Introduction to Human Services*2020
Our Connected World
Peer Counseling *
Careers in Criminal Justice*
Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind *
Astronomy: Exploring the Universe 1A
Astronomy: Exploring the Universe 1B
Biotechnology 1A: Unlocking Nature's Secrets
Biotechnology 1B: Unlocking Nature's Secrets
Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation*
Introduction to STEM* 2020
Marine Science: Secrets of the Blue 1A
Marine Science: Secrets of the Blue 1B
Renewable Technologies 1A
Renewable Technologies 1B
__________PHYSICAL ED/ HEALTH & ELECTIVES only taught by Edge__________
Introduction to Coaching*
Life Skills*
Drugs and Alcohol*
First Aid & Safety
Foundations of Personal Wellness
Intro to Coaching
Exercise Science
African-American History*
Anthropology II: More Human Mysteries Uncovered*
Archaeology: Detectives of the Past*
History of the Holocaust*
__________WORLD LANGUAGE__________
French I A World Lang.
French I B World Lang.
French II A World Lang.
French II B World Lang.
French III A World Lang.
French III B World Lang.
German I A World Lang.
German I B World Lang.
German II A World Lang.
German II B World Lang.
Latin I A World Lang.
Latin I B World Lang.
Latin II A World Lang.
Latin II B World Lang.
Spanish I A World Lang.
Spanish I B World Lang.
Spanish II A World Lang.
Spanish II B World Lang.
Spanish III A World Lang.
Spanish III B World Lang.
Chinese 1A
Chinese 1B
Chinese 2A
ChinesE 2B
American Sign Language 1A
American Sign Language 1B
American Sign Language 2A
American Sign Language 2B
Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries*
__________ADVANCED PLACEMENT® __________
AP Biology A
AP Biology B
AP Calculus A
AP Calculus B
AP English Literature A
AP English Literature B
AP English Language & Composition A
AP English Language & Composition B
AP Environmental A
AP Environmental B
AP Human Geography A
AP Human Geography B
AP Psychology A
AP Psychology B
AP US History A
AP US History B
AP World History Modern A
AP World History Modern B
AP Government
AP Statistics 2020 A
AP Statistics 2020 B
AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP French Language & Culture *
US Government and Politics *
__________HONORS CLASSES ( all Edge taught)__________
English 9 A
English 9 B
English 10 A
English 10 B
English 11 A
English 11 B
English 12 A
English 12 B
Algebra 1 A
Algebra 1 B
Geometry A
Geometry B
Algebra 2 A
Algebra 2 B
Pre-Calculus A
Pre-Calculus B
Biology A
Biology B
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
Physics A
Physics B
World History A
World History B
US History A
US History B
NATIONAL TEST PREPARATION (No Edge teachers, must be taught with our teachers) - no credit classes
ACT WorkKeys