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Professional Development

Welcome to BMHS,

Here is our Professional Development Website for all of your school and classroom needs:
What is an Instructional Coach/Specialist?
Instructional coaching is “the art of identifying and developing a person’s strengths.”
Instructional coaches are on-site professional developers who assist teachers in learning and incorporating into instruction, researched-based best practices, common core standards, and interventions based on data. Instructional coaches develop a partner-based relationship with teachers with the ultimate goal of improvement in student learning outcomes.
Roles of Instructional Coaches/Specialists:
• Classroom Supporter: Increase the effectiveness of classroom instruction by modeling, co-teaching, and observing.
• Data Coach: Assist teachers in understanding and analyzing data.
• Learning Facilitator: Coordinate a wide range of learning opportunities to develop the knowledge, aptitude, and skills.
• Instructional Specialists: Provide teachers with skills to align instruction with standards and implement best practice strategies.
• Curriculum Specialists: Ensure implementation of adopted curriculum.
• Learner: Keep current with best practices and model self-reflection.
• Change Catalyst: Create disequilibrium with the current state to explore alternatives to current practices.
• Resource Provider: Expand teachers’ use of a variety of resources to improve instruction.
• School Leader: Work collaboratively to plan, implement, and assess school change initiatives.
So make a reservation, pull up a chair, and let’s dig in:
Your Instructional Coach/Specialist,
Elizabeth Saari - Ex. 4144

Thank you!